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Join a community where sharing your language skills opens a world of difference.


As a Primok volunteer, you'll not only teach English but also gain invaluable cultural insights, forging connections that span the globe.


Your journey towards making a meaningful impact starts here

Journeys of Our Previous Volunteers

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"Five transformative months with Paula and Antonio in Cañar: a blend of teaching, cultural immersion, and heartfelt connections. An experience so profound, it turned volunteers into family and strangers into friends"

Clarita , Volunteer from Italy

How you can join the Transformation

Workaway/Worldpackers Enthusiasts

Join us through Workaway or Worldpackers for a fulfilling cultural exchange. Share your skills, connect with vibrant communities, and enrich lives—including your own

Exchange Student Collaborators

Enhance your study abroad with purpose. Teach, learn, and grow with us as you make a tangible difference in our global classroom

Community Contributors

Directly impact our mission. Your skills and support can shape vibrant futures. Reach out to start making a real difference today

Start Creating Impact

Begin a journey of significance with Primok.

Your volunteering opens doors for young minds, bridging cultures and creating global citizens. Together, we can forge a brighter future. Start your impact join us now.

  • How long can I participate as a volunteer in PRIMOK?
    The volunteer can stay with us for a minimum of 6 weeks, but for the program it is much better if they stay 3 months in the case of volunteers to stay in Cañar. If you want to volunteer only on Saturdays, a 12-week commitment is required, the duration of each level.
  • How much time should the volunteer dedicate to the program?
    The volunteer has classes on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. The volunteer also participates in the conversation club on Wednesdays. This for the volunteers staying in Cañar.
  • How many days off does the volunteer have?
    The volunteer has Saturdays off after school until Monday. In addition to mandatory national holidays.
  • What can volunteers do in Cañar?
    Cañar is a small town full of culture and tradition, there are tourist places that you can visit, it is also a perfect place to relax and go hiking since it is located in the mountains. You will always have fun things to do.
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